Regular Parties

(Best deal) Canvas Party  $120  (savings of $90)

Canvas party for up to 12 people. Includes one blank or pre-drawn (in stock) birthday canvas per person. Paint fee is included. Can add additional people for $10 each. No ceramics, only canvas.

Ceramic Party $120 

(savings of $30)

Ceramic party for up to 10 people. Choose any ceramic $10 or under. Includes paint fee. Each additional person is 12.50. No canvas, only ceramics.

 Mixed Media Party Room Rental (Starts at $120)

This is the party if everyone wants to do something different and you want your own space to create. $50 deposit, additional charges paid at time of party. 2 hours party time, minimum purchase is $120 total. Regular paint fee charges apply. All parties pay minimum of $120. This party has no discounts but is for those who want to have their own room and bring food. 

Specialty Parties 

Instructed Canvas Party $200 

Choose one project for up to 10 people.
Includes one 11x14 canvas for each person. Each additional person is $20

Kit Parties Basic & Deluxe

​Best for a reception or open house event.  

Basic : Basic Paint Kit, no custom options, includes main floor area, seating up to 45.  Iced water and lemonade. 2 hour limit.  
Includes 20 paint kits. Add. kits $7.50 each    $200 

Deluxe : (2 week minimum for custom canvas) Deluxe Paint Kit, custom options, includes main floor area, seating up to 45.  Iced water and lemonade. 2 hour limit.  Includes 25 paint kits. Each add. kit $10  $300 


 You must call and check on availability (please call before paying as we have limited times available). We require extra staff for every party scheduled. 48 hours notice to refund deposit. 

Once you have determined that your time is available, you can then pay your deposit here or call during our open hours to schedule and pay deposit over the phone.  

DAMAGE WAIVER: Party Host is responsible for any damage done to the physical property or other items. This includes handprints and paint on walls. Damage to other property such as paintings will be charged at the retail price of that item. Damage will be assessed and charged the day of the party to the party host. 


We do parties and it's easy,

and we clean up the mess!

We are a

"walk-in/no skills required"

art center located in Grand Island, Nebraska 


  • party room is yours for a 2 hour time period, this includes set up and clean up time. 
  •  each additional hr. is $25
  • you are welcome to bring cake/cupcakes etc. but please clean up food following party (NO POPCORN!!!)
  • we DO NOT ALLOW beverages to be brought in, including punch or juice pouches/boxes
  • We provide a water bottle for each painter, two liters of lemonaide may be purchased for $3 each. Pop and adult beverages also available. 
  •  If you have younger kids, it's a good idea to have some parents stay and help. We do not provide continual help during a party.  
  • ​ Check our Scheduling Calendar. Each type of party has certain time/day options.